Wednesday, February 06, 2013

First post of 2013

I'm back! (well kinda~) i haven't been blogging very much have i? In fact i've disappeared for more than a year now~ Thinking back the days when blogging was the "in" thing to do, since then ppl have switched to facebook, twitter, and the list goes~  i used to make it a point to blog every single day. Not anymore huh? Reading back those very old posts do bring back memories though~

Well 2012 has been a good year for me~ i got my bonus my incentive and most importantly, i got engaged! never thought i would~ at least not so soon~ Mr. Right popped out just there and then just when u least expected it.

Looking forward, I have so much ahead of me. Renovation starts at my new house after chinese new year~ and my wedding? haha i have never even dreamt about how my wedding will be like and there it is, within reach~ of course problems are everywhere and i dont even wanna start talking about it. But anyhow, we'll solve them together. :)

Ok nuff said~ back to work and hope that there will be a new post soon?

Till then! Bye~

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Saturday, September 03, 2011


Gosh its really been a while huh? Almost one year since my last entry~ I've been MIA.. Yeah I know I know~ I shouldn't have neglected you dear blog~

Anyway, I'm back! (for now) hee

The wonder about blogs is every now and then, you scroll down and read some of the previous entries and go WOW I wrote that? lol yeah I always read my posts and realize how much i've changed.. This blog has been with me since 2004~ 7 years~ Through sec school, university, and now, working life~

Life has been hectic~ Ups and downs are part and parcel of life.. I have been working in 2 different banks for the past 1.5 years.. I just resigned a few weeks ago after much consideration. I know u hear this very often:" I'm still young.. bla bla bla" but its true.. we look at ppl nowadays job hopping every now and then. Maybe i'm just not fit for the job? cant stand the pressure? I dont know. Like what I wrote to my interviewer: "What I want is a career and not just another job." I guess I'm still searching for that dream job that i truly love. Hope everything goes well next week at the new company :)

On the other hand, I've been enjoying myself a lot with music and performances all year round. Its tiring but what the heck, that's the only place where its stress free~

to end this post, here is our latest group photo~ enjoy :)

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Monday, October 04, 2010

My guitars

This is my guitar.

Taylor 110ce

Type/Shape6-String Dreadnought
Back & SidesSapele Laminate
TopSitka Spruce
Soundhole RosettePlastic
Fretboard InlayPearloid Dots
Headstock OverlayIndian Rosewood
Nut & SaddleTusq
Tuning MachinesEnclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated
StringsElixir® Medium Gauge Strings with NANOWEB® Coating
Scale Length25 1/2 Inches
Truss RodAdjustable
Neck Width at Nut1 11/16 Inches
Number of Frets20
Fretboard Radius15 Inches
Color OptionsNatural
Sunburst OptionsNone
ElectronicsTaylor ES-T®
Left-HandedAvailable; No Charge
Body Width16 Inches
Body Depth4 5/8 Inches
Body Length20 Inches
Overall Length41 Inches
CaseGig Bag
U.S. Suggested Retail Price$1098.00

This is also my guitar.
Taylor 214ce

Type/Shape6-String Grand Auditorium
Back & SidesIndian Rosewood Laminate
TopSitka Spruce
Soundhole RosettePlastic
Fretboard InlayPearloid Dots
Headstock OverlayIndian Rosewood
Nut & SaddleTusq
Tuning MachinesEnclosed, Die-Cast Chrome Plated
StringsElixir® Light Gauge Strings with NANOWEB® Coating
Scale Length25 1/2 Inches
Truss RodAdjustable
Neck Width at Nut1 11/16 Inches
Number of Frets20
Fretboard Radius15 Inches
FinishSatin with Gloss Top
Color OptionsNatural
Sunburst OptionsNone
ElectronicsTaylor ES-T®
Left-HandedAvailable; No Charge
Body Width16 Inches
Body Depth4 5/8 Inches
Body Length20 Inches
Overall Length41 Inches
CaseTaylor Hardshell Bag
U.S. Suggested Retail Price$1398.00

Yes, I bought another guitar.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010



Lets just say... I'M ALIVE AGAIN!!!!!

I can't express how happy I feel today~

Its like... I've never been that happy for the past 8 months?

Its like a whole new beginning!


Ok I'm crapping here but anyways... I'M HAPPY! :)

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Sunday, August 01, 2010


I received my scroll from our chancellor's hands.. although walking over n taking the scroll only lasted 5 seconds, it meant that, I've finally completed my university studies~ 4 years~ ended in just 5 seconds~

Working life is so different now~ No one really cares about what you feel or who you are.. Everyone works for themselves.. Everyone works for money~ Its so different from uni life where everyone does what they like.. we organize events not to earn money, but for our passion~

I kept fighting back my tears when i was singing Permata Dunia yesterday~ I had so many flashbacks while I was singing that song~ I sang that very song when I first entered MMU~ Yesterday I was singing that song when I'm leaving MMU... Words can't describe my feelings~ mixed with happiness and sadness~ I've had so much memories throughout these 4 years~ I've finally graduated..

As I was sitting in the Grand Hall.. I kept thinking to myself~ How nice it would be if grandpa was here to see me graduate~ He'd sure be very proud of me~ I kept picturing his face in my mind~ n I teared up a few times~ but I believe that although he's not physically there, he can still see me.. I'm sure he was there to celebrate my graduation that day :)

This is Shau Chong a.k.a. John a.k.a Woman a.k.a Kuning~
He promised me he'd be there for my graduation months ago n he did :)
n he was the cameraman of the day!~
Oh yea we knew each other since Standard 6, making this 10 years of friendship!

Li Yinn came too!!! We knew each other during high school~
Hope i'll be able to attend her graduation next year!

Bing Xin n Christina, 1 is my housemate n 1 is my roommie~~
We had so much memories studying n staying together..
Sure goin to miss them loads!!!

The familiar trio~ haha
Director: Alvin
Assistant Director: Ying Tian, Bing Xin
We worked hard for the 6th Fresh Bottle Recital~
n finally, we've graduated together :)

Grandpa, you should be in this photo~
Wish you were here...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Idiots all around

SOOO angry today!

This colleague of mine actually told my boss the reason for her 0 sales is because I STOLE her customers.. WAD DA HELL?

All my customers are hard earned sales ok? n here she is just saying I snatched them?

Oh man if u were so great, y wud u even let me snatch ur customers? u should be able to close the cases yourself rite! Absurd lo!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Something happened recently..

I've never been so angry n disappointed at a person this much~ Never in my life..

Man I even tried putting in a few good words for you! How could you be so ungrateful?!

One thing's for sure~ You didn't even feel a bit of remorse!


Somehow I think you lost your mind!

I was so shocked I couldn't even believe what had happened!

Not mentioning myself,

Maybe you should start counting how many people u have hurt along the way? Family? Friends?


Now you say its just for something u call "FREEDOM" ?!

Can't you even think logically?!

How can you ignore everything happily posting how happy you are??

Only now I know how irresponsible, ungrateful, despicable, disrespectful you are!

Now looking back, 4 years is not such a long time to know a person's true colors.

Get a life n get out of my life!!!


Don't expect me to forgive you.

Dont blame me. You blew your chance.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Had 3 roadshows recently~ 1st one, we went to one of the biggest factories in the region~ they specialize in plastic molding ~ Stationed there 2 days at their canteen~ had a small little booth set up there... quite ok la.. got quite a few cases there :)

But it really opened up my eyes~ nv seen such a big factory~! :P

Then we went to the senai police station~ HAHA no i didnt do anything wrong~ We went to do roadshow also~ haaha...

Oh yaaaa I was on newspaper! haha.... we had a roadshow at SJK (C) Senai~ I was asked to judge a kids talent contest sponsored by CIMB~ n obviously I'm the onli person in my bank that can speak mandarin.. so... who else but me? ahha... then my boss asked me to perform as well.. LOL.... so in the end.. i sang 3 songs in SJK (C) Senai~ feels good to be able to perform again :)

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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Had a great weekend! a busy one though~

Saturday went to meet customer at Bandar Baru Uda~ never expected my new GPS to work that well! it literally took me through all the small roads tht i've nv even heard of! Luckily i managed to find the shop~

N i met up with Hanwei n Keesiong~! lol... we always get to meet up like.. once a year? no less than that.. haha! anyways~~ I've met up with ks a few times b4 this d la~ had lunch at pelangi n we went to city plaza for pool! sooooo long nv play pool d~ :P (minus the time we wasted going to danga city mall cuz hanwei insisted theres a pool centre there~) LOL we were there till arnd 6 ~
We played with style~ (but we sucked) AHAHA

at night, I practiced guitar like crazy~ lol.. i duno y am i even practicing~ y shud i even be nervous? lol.. too long nv perform d la~~~ n also the fact that i've never sang alone on stage!! like~ me alone with my guit! in front of hundreds of ppl? i guess dis is my first! haha..

anyway.. today's event was a great success! sang 3 songs at SJK(C) Senai~ n guess wad? I received a flower from a few kids after i sang! AWW how sweet is that?? n u know wad? ppl actually took out their phones to record me while i was singing! i was like OMG R U SURE? aahhaa..

after that i became the judge for their talent contest which was sponsored by CIMB .. duh~~ hahaa.. kids nowadays super talented lo~ story telling to drums to dancing to magic show! all from one school.. amazing~ i wonder if my photo will appear in nanyang siang pau tml? ahah!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life oh life~~

I thought~ hey its been ages since i last played my guitar.. as in i stopped touching my guit all together after i started workin.... which was like 4 months ago.. LOL...

So i decided... what the heck.. n i trimmed my nails short on my left hand.. took out my guitar.. n tried playing Tommy Emmanuel's song Mombasa which i learnt last year..

To my horror.. i was playing half way through and.....I GOT STUCK

ok nvm.. it took me the rest of the day figuring out how to play it again.. n finally i could sorta play it..

then... i tried playing Tears in Heaven... n u knw wad? I COULDNT REMEMBER HOW TO PLAY....

WAD DA!?!?!?!!

AAAAAAAAAAA!!! Look what has working done to me???

I seriously need a life~ i'm working 12 hours a day.. 8am to 8pm.. go back home, eat, sleep.. I practically have almost no friends in JB.. i sleep my way through sats n suns... n its the same cycle over n over again!

mum asked me to go out n meet new ppl..


go to some random place n talk to some random person.. Hey can i be ur friend?

WOW thats gotta be fun.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

MC today~

I'm sick again~ haih.. am i stressing out myself too much?
Work seems to be pouring in~ Time seems to be limited.. I am already trying my best..
Results? I dont know.. seems to be way far from what i'm supposed to achieve..

anyhow~ CLOSE MORE SALES!!! :)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I wonder~

I thought the superiors were supposed to motivate us and not demoralize us?

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey!! I'm back!

Its 4.30am in the morning~ :P It is always at weird times like this I suddenly feel like updating my blog~

I know i've been MIA from this blog for some time~ I know.. but its just that I really have no time! haha.. Well I've been working for 3 months now~ Excluding the 1st month where 3 weeks was spent in training, I've been actually working for 2 months~ :)

Well a recap on 1st training~ It was FUN! lol.. ok not all~ some classes were boring~ some were just dumb~ cuz even the trainer didnt know what was goin on~ But most of it was very educaitonal~ stuff I have never learnt throughout my 3 years in Uni~

Best of all, I met nice people there~! Colleagues from all over Malaysia~ like LITERALLY! ahah.. They ranged from Johor, to KL, to Penang, to Kedah, and all the way to Sabah!

Then I went back to my branch.. Tried to pick up as much as i could from my wonderful senior~ N when i managed to close my first housing loan~ U cant imagine how happy I was! :)

n before long I went for my unit trust exam n passed! shortly after I went to kl for 2 insurance paper.. i was so busy i at the branch i didnt really hav time to study cuz i was way too tired every night~ i just managed to flip through the questions n went for the exam.. LUCKILY i managed to pass! haha... got a C though.. but who cares? a pass is a pass! n i still get my license! XD

Then it was the 2nd training~ this time was mainly on selling skills~ I sure had fun alright~ We had roleplays everyday selling products to our friends acting as prospects~ heh.. quite interesting.. learnt some great skills~

After that it was back to branch again n its work+work+work!

So far I really love my job~ I get to meet different ppl everyday~ I get to go out to get cases~ which i really enjoy because i'm not the type of person that can sit still in offices~ lol Work is tough no doubt~ We have to do so so much.. Quite a feat for me considering i've never been to the bank alot myself~ heck I didnt even know how to fill in the deposit and withdrawal form! HAHA..

Its been 3 months n i guess I'm adapting pretty well~ yes i am stressed but i guess thats what keeps me goin everyday.. To be ready for work every morning~ :)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new job

Only 4 days of work n these are the documents i bring home~ HAHA~ quite alot ehh?

I'm so enjoying my work now~ Manager is nice, senior is nice, all my colleagues are nice.. even the guards are nice!

1st day didnt really do much... juz read on some product info where i cant understand more than half of it~ :P

2nd day colleague emergency leave.. everyone had to relieve everyone so i had to help out as the navigator~ learnt how to fill in forms! lol... actually v easy onli but i juz never knew how to~!

3rd day asked my colleagues to teach me stuff.. So i learnt how to open savings accounts from one colleague, learnt how to do fixed deposits from one colleague, learnt how to open current accounts from 1 colleague and learnt how to process loans from my senior! LOL super fun la got to know more about my colleagues n they are just extremely nice!

4th day went to pelangi branch for new product briefing.. like whoa~ 1st week got breifing d.. actually i wont have a chance to sell dat particular product cuz by the time i get back frm training, the promotion almost end d.. hah nonetheless.. experience la... n now every single pfc knows abt me.. haha.. was asked to introduce myself to all my fellow PFCs~ (personal financial consultant) haha~ oh ya.. my senior pfc belanja me lunch today! n i got to go back home early cuz the briefing ended early!! HEE

I'm goin to KL this coming Sunday for 3 weeks training~~ to get my license to sell~ heh.. Will be staying in Bangi.. the CIMB training center.. They tell me its a hutan there.. oh well.. isnt Cyberjaya a hutan as well? :P n classes start frm 9am till 5.30pm everyday.. omg.. how am i goin to survive the training? haha... I'll be driving once i'm in kl.. so i hope there isnt anything on weekends so i can go SHOPPING!!! haha n also meet up with my friends... (MAC's new collection is coming out on 1st March~~ EEKS!) hope they'll still have stock when i even get to shop there.. heh.. saw a few nice lipstick shades online.. heeeeeeee

Dont think i'll get internet connection at the training place.. SOBX!!!!! We'll c how la.. if not, after classes i'll go somewhere with wifi to online.. if i can find any at all.. haha

Last but not least.. I LOVE MY JOB! (for now i guess LOL)

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Monday, February 22, 2010

1st day of work

Oh man I struggled on writing my previous post.... I was sobbing so hard I couldnt even type properly... (diverts own attention n facebook-ed for 10 mins to stop da tears~ )

ok i'm back.. (somewhat normal with super swollen eyes..) T.T

Actually I wanted to write a post yesterday.. Ended up i couldnt cuz of the stupid connection~
i was SOOOO nervous last night.. i called my godma n ranted to her for half an hour about my Pre-Working Syndrom .. lolx~!

n then YX called.. n I ranted to her the next hour.. HAHA.... I dont really know why am i so nervous.. but i was extremely nervous..

I woke up at 6.30am this morning.. took a bath.. put on my makeup.. (actually the fotoz were taken when i got back frm work.. but it still looks nice rite? RITE? :P)

I wore a bluish green outfit for the day.. godma bought it for me frm Dorothy Perkins! Lurve it to bits!!! n i had the same color for my eye makeup! :P (is it just me or am i getting fairer and fairer nowadays? HAHAHA)

n guess wad? Matching color earrings!!! n yes i can be very particular when it comes to matching clothing to eye makeup n accesories~ (didnt know the side of my face looks kinda nice oso...HAHA i'm getting vain~ )

Isnt it just adorable? Its a butterfly! n its green too! :P initially bought it to match my cheongsam for cny.. ended up i didnt wear it. haha..

n drove to work~! yes i drove to senai all by myself! So proud of myself for not getting lost! HAHA...

Was nervous throughout n i was singing super loud on da way to work.. :P but all the nerves were gone the minute n stepped into the bank n my colleagues greeted me with the warmest smile~ :)

Had a short n very laughable briefing regarding the latest promotions n every1 was of f to work.. I was attached to another fellow PFC who is my senior.. but he didnt look very free so he asked me to go with the Navigator 1st.. She was very nice n she explained stuff to me when she wasnt attending to customers..

A while after that, my manager brought me to my desk n linked me to the intranet n stuff.. I HAVE MY OWN DESK HOW COOL IS THAT? LOLX (ok i'm over excited~ ) n i spent the next hour or 2 reading up on company product n services~

Then lunch time cam n guess wad? My manager treated me lunch! =) Hez a super nice fatherly type of manager.. :)

Dad picked me up at 3.30pm to go register my EPF account.. came back to office at 5 something.. They were blowing ballons... OMG.. OF ALL THINGS... BALOONS! n i'm freaking scared of baloons!!!!

Yes u guessed it.. i was screaming everytime a baloon burst.. hahaa... i wasnt much of a help ther so my manager asked me to go home 1st.. ahhaha! (i really wanted to help tho! :P)

N i drove back without getting lost too! YAYS!

AND AND AND.... grandma cooked the most delicious Bak Kut Teh for dinner~! Droolz~!

So that pretty much sums up my 1st day of work~ heh.. Looking forward to a new day tml! Nitex peeps!

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For grandpa..

Last night before I slept.. I was lying on my bed.. I started talking out loud.. pretending that my grandpa was there.. n i actually talked for 20 mins... n i spent the rest of the time crying myself to sleep... yes.. call me silly or crazy or someone who cant accept the truth.. But i always believe my grandpa is still around me.. Juz somewhere where i couldnt see him.. but he sees us... he knows what we are doing and he cares.. jus like he did when he was still here... n so.. I dedicate this post to him..

公公,你的孙女做工了!而且是在银行做工!你可以去跟你的朋友们说噢~告诉他们你有多开心。。 多骄傲。。。

我真得很想念你。。 真的真的很想念你。。

times i stared at my phone.. thinking about the times i saw ur name flashing at my screen.. knwing i'd hear the familiar voice... greeting me in the familiar way as how u always do all these years...

i passed by my school.. remembering how u always fetch me to school... n waiting at hutan bandar 1 hour earlier juz because u didnt want to let me wait..

i ate chicken rice.. remembering how u'd always add extra char siew and shao rou for me.. n just buy normal chicken rice for yourself..

i drank a can of soft drink.. remembering how u always complaint how expensive it is, yet u still buy a can for me all the time...

i ate indian kuih.. telling ah boy how u used to buy them for me n taught me how to eat them~

i passed by the temple.. remembering how u used to tell me wad every statue meant...

i watched tv... n picturing u scolding at the actors u never liked...

theres nothing i can do without thinking of you..



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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy CNY~!

I know I'm a little late.. but better late than never right? so heres wishing everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! :P
I LURVE Cny especially cny eve cuz every year on that day, we'll get together at grandma's hse and have steamboat!! n the delicacies grandma cooks onli on cny n her most delicious butter cakes n fruit cakes~!!! oh oh n ang pows! :)

1st day of cny~! Me and my 2 youngest cousins~! The tiny one on my lap is only 4 years old! isn't she the cutest little gal?? :)

My MOST BELOVED Grandma!!! If u know me u shud know how much i ADORE her! :P I do look alot like her right? See the similarities?

Grandma, Mum, n the little one~ :)

Beautiful pots of flowers arent then? Full of originality and creativity eh? Of course.. they are my mum's masterpiece~ :) just a few of them.. See the little mandarins on the top right hand corner in this last pic? I made them! a few years back.. HUNDREDS of them.. hahaha... Gave some to mum, grandma n godma.. ahha..

And guess who I met up with when I went up to KL? Ex roomie Nana n erm........... ex director? Chris! HAHA.. We sure had a fun few hours playing mahjong! HAHA.. No money involved! We are good kids~ (and yes, we were trying to imitate the elephants behind us... failing miserably~HAHA)

Rommie and her coolest hairdo~! HAHA.. u shud have seen it when it was 1st done... LOL

And heres 3 of us acting all seirous n stuff.. haha~

2 cheeky cousins.. having fun running around n making a hell outta my life.. HAHAHA~~

Last but not least.... BESTIE~!!! Met up with YX for lunch today during her lunchtime.. shez working at E & Y for her internship.. goin back to aussie this week.. SOBX... wont be seeing her till Dec i guess.. but by that time she'll be back here for GOOD! yays~!!! :)

Anyway~ Starting work next week~~ Looks like i'll still be working in Senai after all! haha.. So heres wishing myself all the best in my work!! :) Ciaoz!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Nail art~

I'm bored~ Extremely bored~! ahha.. n recently.. my craze for nail polish has re-appeared again~ hahaha... i ordered a couple of bottles of nail polish frm usa~ half of them arrived d.. LOL dont ask me how many~ hahahah... so i tried them out~ :P n since etude house is having 50% off the konad nail stamp plated~ i bought a couple of new ones too~ hahahhaa~

so i used China Glaze nail polish in Innocence for the base color~ I LOVE this color! my HG nail color for now~ HAHA its a sheer jelly-like pink color.. n it took me 4 thin coats to get this half opaque color~ pls excuse my not-so-nice nails.. haha

Then I used the Konad plate m41 n stamped these cute ribbon patterns on my nails.. took me a couple of times to get it right~ esp on the thumb n pinkie~ luckily the base was thick enuf~ so i cud lightly rub away the pattern without rubbing off the base color~ :)

Then added another black flower using Konad m50~

Then on the other hand~ used Konad plate m36 for the butterfly patterns~ :)

And added a floral pattern with Konad m41~

TADAH~!!!! Nice right? Nice RIGHT??? HAHAHA Dont care~ u must say nice~ LOLOL

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Job Interviews~

I went for an job interview laz week! It was at the CIMB branch at Pelangi.. They actually called me at 11.30am and asked me to go for an interview that very afternoon~ I was like... U've got to be kidding me.. ppl normally give a few days notice.. they gave me a few hours notice.. lolx.. i had no transport.. no preparation whatsoever.. So i asked them if i can go for the interview the next day~ They called back shortly after that n asked me to be there at 11.20am the nx morning~

I couldn't sleep at all that night.. ahha.. i dont know.. I wasn't at all nervous for my internship interviews.. Maybe there was something inside telling me: "Hey this is the real thing ok? U better make sure u make it!" Lolx.. Anyways.. went over to grandma's place in the morning... got changed and make up.. everything.. Dad came by to fetch me over to the CIMB branch~

Went up.. filled in some application forms as usual.. and waited outside the interview room~ Shortly after, they called me in.

1 malay guy and 1 chinese gal interviewed me... asked me to introduce myself.. then asked me stuff like why i think i'm up for this job.. how would i cope~ bla bla~ overall it was fine.. they seemed to like me so yea~ hahha!

the next day, public bank called and asked me to go for an interview in kl~ so i went up with my dad.. i got a shock when i reached the main branch which was directly opposite klcc~ there were at least 20+ ppl there waiting to be interviewed.. and when i saw my name on the list.. it was like.. 40+.. meaning there were 50 ppl that went for interview that day itself! lolx thats kinda crazy~ didnt expect so many ppl there.. but oh well public bank pays well.. haha

i reached there at 3.30... waited till 5.30pm~ yes.. 2 hours.. sitting there.. with sweaty palms~ counting the time.. n hoping it was me next everytime the hr person came out n called names... there were at least 4 rooms interviewing us~

finally at 5.30 i was called into a room with 2 chinese gals.. kinda young.. at most in their early 30s~ oh man they started bombarding me with questions after questions~ started to ask me about loan applications~ this was how it went:

Interviewer: So Miss Ng, please tell me what are the documents u need when processing a loan application for a bank?

Me: I'm just a fresh grad with no prior experience.. so..... (and just so u know, i got C for finance)

Interviewer: (cuts me off) We are aware that almost all of u are fresh grads. So just tell us what u know.

Me: Er~ (beginning to feel nervous) okay~ so u need to have the background of the company, the objective why they need to loan.. the financial statement~ bank accounts~ n also to check if they are making losses or not so that u can know whether they are able to repay the loan~

Interviewer: uh huh... some more?

Me: Er..... ...... ......? (scratches head)

Interviewer: ok next, if an individual were to apply for loan? This should me much easier.

Me: (easier?! i have no idea whatsoever!) ok, if its an individual.. u need their pay slip, and maybe support letters from previous or current employers~ n need to check if they have any prior criminal offence n stuff.. to ensure the application is legitimate and not for other purpose~

Interviewer: uh huh some more?

Me: ERRRR......... ......... ......... ?

Interviewer: ok what if the individual is self employed? theres no proof whatsoever he is working.. no pay slip no letters.. then what?

Me: ER... ER... ER.... ER.... (oh man~~~~~)

Interviewer: ok nvm~ (and starts askin questions about sales)

Man I did so badly I didnt even wanna think about it after it ended~ imagine so many ppl eyeing for that few positions offered~ i wonder how does any1 get into public bank at all~?! lol

right after that, the next day.. i received a call frm cimb saying that they wanna hire me! LOLOL
and i was told that they will be sending me for 3 weeks training in Bangi and i'll need to take tests n stuff in order to be able to start working.. AND~~~~~ everything is paid for!!! FOC~ On top of that~ I'll still be receiving my pay! That means~ i just have to work for a week after the 3 weeks training n i'll get my pay~ hahaha.. how cool is that?

Well the only setback is... its in JB... yea i've been hoping to work in KL~ but thinking back what my dad said~ my petrol easily costs RM400 per month~ accommodation RM400 (if i dont stay at my grandma's)... Tolls RM150.. Food RM500 Thats almost 1.5K GONE~ n my pay is merely 2k plus~ theres basically nothing left! lolx... which is quite true...

if i work in jb.... stay at home, save petrol, eat at home, no tolls~ heck i have an extra 1k to spend! so~ oh well.. i'll be staying in jb for the time being i guess~ (like as if i have a choice) hahahaa~

initially, i was told that i'll be working at the cimb branch in Senai~ which is erm.. 40 mins frm my place? kinda far considering its jb.. not kl~ then today... my mum called n she told me her colleague's husband is the branch manager of cimb in my own taman~ n it seems that they are 1 person short... n cud use me there... SO~~~~~~ I might just be working in my own taman! LOL talk about near.. man i can even cycle there if i wanted to~ ITS SO FREAKING DAMN NEAR~ LOLX

So...... i'll be starting on 22nd feb.... super nice number la... its my birthday, my cellphone num, my house address, n my car num plate! lolx

and since theres this music cafe near my hse.. might think of singing there too~ juz have to sing there once a week, i'll have extra cash to spend too! :P oh man i'm so money minded.. hahhhaaa~


super chio la! HAHHAHA~ :P

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Monday, January 04, 2010


yes yes.. i know i know.. its been a while since i last blogged. ppl have been urging me to blog..

so anyway.. i know this is a little late.. but I'm already officially 21 years old!! lol.. well 2 months ago to be exact.. but anyways~ yea..


I've finished my degree!!!

Wow.. time really passed by without me knowing it..

So.. some of the memorable stuff that I did recently.. lets c...

Well.. my best buddies came up to KL.. We had a hell of a great time of cuz.. our long-planned trip to kl.. juz the 4 of us.. :) finally we got to meet in kl.. Our 3 days 2 night trip was tiring but nonetheless very enjoyable ~ n most of the time it was about the FOOD! lolx Evertime we meet up we'll start tokin abt everything under the sun.. talk about other ppl n idiotic stuff we did in the past~ feeling nostalgic all of a sudden... ahah

Next was my 21st bday!!! man u shud hav seen my reaction when i saw so many guitarists in my room playing a bday song for me at 12am! haha... certainly a bday to remember~ whats more, the next day i went ice skating for the VERY FRIST TIME.. yes u heard it.. 1st time in my life~ n thank goodness Di was there.. if not i wud have fallen more than once! ahah.. n i had the nicest juciest steak in The Ship in uptown damansara! not forgetting nana's Flaming Lamborghini~ LOLOL!

Then i got to perform for a wedding~! it was my 3rd time performing on a wedding~ friend's-friend's-sister's-friend's wedding~ :P I had to be both the emcee and the performer.. nice experience.. PA sucked tho~ we literally had to stick the mic to the keyboard with scotch tape! hillarious~ haha

And the next day i had my finals~ LOL how cool is dat? Law paper summore.. Industrial Relations to be exact.. heh.. n then I langgar-ed a tiang.. A TIANG can u believe it? My poor poor car.. (Sorry grandpa!) Think i was too tired cuz i didnt slp at all the previous night studying for my paper.. oh well.. Had to send it to the repairshop~ Luckily i got it back a few days later..

The final day of exam.. I took some photos of the exam hall since it was the last time i'm ever gonna take tests inside d.. kinda sad actually.. i teared up as my roomie and i walked back to our place after the paper.. Oh well~~~ We went to watch Avatar 3D right after our paper.. well the 3D sucked but the movie was kickass~! Went home and right away started packing my stuff cuz dad came over the next morning at 8am to help me shift some stuff back! haha.. didnt slp again~

Spent the next 2 days at my aunt's place in Puchong.. Brought my mum shopping n stuff... Then went back to Cyber to do some stuff and we took some photos in campus before we left~

Then i left for Banting~ Christmas! My 2nd year spending christmas there.. Had a great time there :)

The next day godma, grandma and cuzzies came over~! I cant tell u how packed my schedule was.. ahha.. i asked them to stay at subang jaya - Summit Hotel cuz i'm familiar with tat place.. My turf or so to say.. lol.. Brought them EVERYWHERE.. ahhah! From Sunway to SS2 to Sungai Wang to Damansara to IOI~ Well just about every place i knew.. n they bougth ALOT.. no kidding! 29th Dec we took the last flight from LCCT back to JB!

HOME SWEET HOME! So happy to be back~ Hung out with my besties~! Went to sing karaoke at the new place~ n went makan as usual.. haha.. EATING seems to be our top priority these days.. We suddenly decided on a 1 day trip to Melaka over dinner and every1 said lets go~!

So the next week, our driver of the day Miss Tee fetched all of us frm our places n off we went to Melaka! Reached there at around 11 sumthing n went for their Bak Kut Teh! n right after that went for the famous Mille Crepe Cake~ And then CENDOL~!!! Did i mention its yet ANOTHER makan trip? hahaha We were already planning for our next trip on the way home.. LOL but oh well sch reopening n Miss Tee went back to cyber d~ dunno when all of us can meet up again.. heh.. cant wait~!

Main Agenda now: get my room cleaned up and get a job~!

LOLX thats all for now i guess~ Will try to update more often *I hope.. haha..

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